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  • "To heal you have to get to the root of the wound and kiss it all the way up."
    - Rupi Kaur

    Dear Black Girl,

    Growing up, perhaps you felt misunderstood and ignored by those most closest to you. Maybe you felt as if no one loved you nor thought you were important or special. It’s possible that you were told that your thoughts and feelings were not okay or that you were “too sensitive or dramatic.” You may have learned that in order to get attention you to had to be an overachiever (e.g. only straight A’s allowed, Honor Roll).

    Fast forward to now. As an adult, you’ve noticed more and more that you feel lonely and disconnected from others, you’re tired all the time, angry, irritated, anxious or depressed. You find it difficult to be vulnerable with others, and yet you are the “therapist” who everyone runs to with their problems. You want to help everyone else, and yet are unwilling to ask for help. You find it hard to identify and acknowledge your feelings as valid and true. Your inner voice is critical and judgmental of your every move, and yet if you heard someone talk that way to your friends you would beat their ass. To top it all off, because of all of that, you can’t sleep, it’s hard to focus, you procrastinate, your stomach is often in knots, your jaw, neck and shoulders are always so tight. Sis, it’s all too much!

    In the words of Dr. Thema, “it is not only important to examine what I am seeking to be freed from, but what I am seeking to be freed to.”

    I want to help you cultivate a life you are excited about. A life where you feel free to be real, rather than nice. A life where you say “no” and set boundaries without apologizing or lying about it. A life where you know your limitations and offer what you can, when you can. A life where you can feel and respond to your emotions without labeling yourself as “weak or dramatic.” A life where you choose to give yourself the same love and compassion that you do to everyone else. A life where your heart, mind, and body are at ease.

    Am I “singing your life with my words?” If so, then I may be the therapist for you! The work we will do is mind-body based and trauma informed. You’ve likely seen images of therapy where the client and therapist sit still, across from one another, and only talk. I want to assure you that the talking part is only a part of the process. I will integrate healing techniques of somatic therapy, principles and philosophies of yoga including: asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), and dhyana (meditation), mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), humor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and teaching (I’ll help to ‘make it make sense.’).

    If you’re ready to grow towards the life you’ve always wanted, I’m ready when you are. Contact me today to schedule your 15 minute “Discovery Call.”

    About Tiffany Smith, LCSW-C, RYT-200

    Hi, my name is Tiffany (she/her/hers). I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified yoga teacher. I am passionate about working with Black women who experience depression, anxiety, “Superwoman Syndrome,” people pleasing, perfectionism, and difficulty communicating. My heart is committed to helping you set boundaries, cultivate self-love and self-compassion, communicate your needs and wants in order to have mutually satisfying relationships, and calm your mind and body.

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